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Inedita per la Cultura has as its primary objective the protection and enhancement of the historical, artistic and intellectual heritage of Italy, a purpose that inspires the content of its initiatives and defines its profiles

For over twenty years Flavia Ciacci Arone di Bartolino has been taking care of and promoting the activity of Inedita through cultural events of local and national interest, from concerts of classical and jazz music, to journalism, from conferences and current events, to contemporary art exhibitions, taking care of communication and image. A selected group of collaborators (technicians, graphic designers, art directors, printers, etc.) contribute to give enamel and originality to the appointments of Inedita.

Flavia Ciacci Arone di Bertolino
Co-Founder & Creative Director



La sede di Inedita è a Villa Aria (Marzabotto - Bologna)

dimora tra le più interessanti dell’area emiliana romagnola, per la sua storia, le caratteristiche architettoniche e la singolarità del parco archeologico su cui sorge.

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